About Us

DogWish is an organization that trains top quality Service Dogs, and places them with those with Autism, Dementia, PTSD, Siezures and more at cost effective rates.

During the past several years DogWish has trained over 300 Service Dogs for the disabled community and DogWish continues to provide and place dogs trained on a level that changes the lives of every one who owns them.

To learn how you can help someone in need get the service dog they need contact us today!

About our founder

Bob Taylor has been one of the nations most successful dog trainers for over 40 years.  He got his start working with animal control at the age of 26 and soon realized he not only loved working with animals but was also really good at it.  Today, Bob Taylor channels his dog training to train service dogs for people with dissabilities.  His love for helping others is evident in the way his dogs respond to his training and provide security, love, and service to their new owners with special needs.