Why DOGWish

DogWish service dogs are trained to detect, alert and respond to their handler’s needs.

We teach our service dogs with the following philosophy:

  1. We teach our dogs to go into “command mode” on command.  This trains the dog to become quiet, sensitive, and more focused.
  2. We teach our dogs how to concentrate on one thing for several minutes.  Sustaining their focus allows us to improve their responsiveness to commands.
  3. We teach our dogs to ignore everything else and concentrate all their senses only on their handlers.

Our Matching Process

The Dog Wish placement program is unique in that we don’t choose, evaluate and train a good dog and then find and train a handler to fit that dog. Instead, we evaluate and study our recipients and then find and train THE dog that will suite, fit and work with and for them the best.

In doing so, we first of all spend more time:

  • finding out about our recipients,

  • collecting information from proven professionals about them,

  • and understanding their disability problems and the needs they have, because of those disabilities.

Then, once we a have a clear picture of who we are working for, we proceed to find them the right dog.

We have come to find that knowing our client, their environment, life-style, perspectives, feelings and concerns is a major part of success. Your dog may work perfectly, but if their personality or behavior is conflicting, in any way, it won’t work.